John M

Structural Engineering

"Efficient, personalized service. Practically every experience. We call, email or create a ticket, and within the hour, the issue is addressed, or at the very least identified, and a path and schedule to resolution is established.

The biggest benefits : Backups, updates, and virus scan/protection is in place. When employees have computer issues, I know someone will be resolving the issue."

Get rid of stumbling blocks to your growth!

It's difficult to expand your operations when you're constantly grappling with IT issues and sluggish support. Is your business ready for growth but held back by recurring IT issues? We get it!

If you're craving for an IT partner that does more than just solve problems - a proactive ally that anticipates your needs and helps fuel your growth, then we're the right fit for you.

IT infrastructure

Empower your business with seamless, secure, and scalable IT solutions. We'll help you make the most of your IT investments.

IT management

We'll manage every aspect of your technology efficiently so you can focus on what you do best — growing and expanding your business.

IT optimization

Enjoy seamless business operations, maximized uptime, fortified security, and elevated efficiency with our IT optimization services.

Strategic partnership

Through our partnership, your IT becomes our responsibility. We'll help unlock new possibilities for your business.

Held back by IT issues?

Overcome your IT roadblocks today

It's an all too familiar scenario. You're trying to grow your business, but nagging IT issues keep holding you back. Your systems fail at the worst moments, your security is questionable, and your current IT support is always a step or more behind.

These issues aren't just roadblocks; they are like quicksand dragging your growth and potential downwards. You didn't get into your line of work to worry about technology hitches. Shouldn't your IT be a stepping stone, rather than a stumbling block?

We have the solution!

Let's help you navigate the IT jungle 

At AlwaysOnIT, we understand these challenges because we've seen them from every angle. We've been on both sides of the tech divide - as software engineers and business owners. We have leveraged this unique perspective to develop strategic IT solutions specifically tailored for businesses seeking growth.

We've walked in your shoes, and now we're here to guide you through the IT jungle. We are more than just an IT service provider; we are your trusted partner, navigating you through every IT hurdle, ensuring your systems don't just keep up but anticipate and foster your growth.

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Experience the AlwaysOnIT difference

Keep your business IT running smoothly with AlwaysOnIT

Embrace the competitive edge we provide by empowering your business with dependable IT services and support, to achieve sustainable growth.

Strategic IT solutions

We streamline your processes, reduce downtime, and boost productivity, letting you focus on what you do best.


Reliable support

Our responsive, highly-capable team offers round-the-clock support, ensuring your business remains always-on.


Growth partnership

We’re invested in your growth, and our proactive approach helps identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.



We help you stay ahead of the curve, equipping you with the most effective, cutting-edge technology solutions that drive your business forward.



No two businesses are alike. Our solutions are customized to fit your unique needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.



We believe in giving back. From supporting veteran rehabilitation to feeding America, we're actively involved in making our community better.

10 questions you MUST ask to save yourself from harmful IT agreements

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What our clients say about our specialists

Don't just take our word for it – hear from businesses like yours that have experienced the AlwaysOnIT difference:

"Efficient, personalized service. Practically every experience. We call, email, or create a ticket, and within the hour, the issue is addressed, or at the very least identified, and a path and schedule to resolution is established."

John McDonald

Catena Consulting Engineers

"You are very easy to use and convenient with the IT button located on each computer. When we had a security issue with emails, you were there right away to fix the problem. And then took more action to ensure it did not happen again."

Kendall Ekerson

Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal

"Every time we have an issue, you treat it as an emergency and get it taken care of immediately. We have never had that in an IT company. It is greatly appreciated!"

Jennifer Schaaf

Industrial Tire Service

"Prompt & personal service. They were able to identify the issue and help us stay ahead of the curve."

Kevin Bretthauer

Bretthauer Oil

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Free cybersecurity evaluation

Here's what to expect, at no cost to your business...

A non-technical question-based evaluation approach
Detailed report of your current security posture
Identified areas of opportunity within your IT infrastructure
Tailored recommendations to boost your security posture
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We're devoted to transferring our expertise and understanding, supplying you with pragmatic guidance on IT strategies, ideal practices, and upcoming trends. 

We'll provide world-class IT support to ensure your business remains Always On!

Take advantage of this opportunity to redefine your business growth today!

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