Efficient, personalized service.

We call, email or create a ticket, and within the hour, the issue is addressed, or at the very least identified, and a path and schedule to resolution is established.

The biggest benefits : Backups, updates, and virus scan/protection is in place. When employees have computer issues, I know someone will be resolving the issue.

John M Principal
Consulting Engineers

Prompt attention, fast resolution, and consistent follow up. Great staff!

Had backup problem recently that AlwaysOnIT went above and beyond the call of duty to fix, spending a lot of time on the phone and diligently working until the trouble was resolved. None of us here at the clinic are very adept at computer issues and AlwaysOnIT is always very patient with us, demonstrating great people skills along with very competent service.

The biggest benefits : Freedom from worrying about our computer problems along with very minimal down times which is great for my customers too!

Chris W DVM, Owner
Pet Clinic

You are very easy to use and convenient with the IT button located on each computer.

When we had a security issue with emails you were there right away to fix the problem. And then took more action to insure it did not happen again.

The biggest benefits: Our server and documents are more secure.

Kendall E Sales Manager
Roofing and Sheet Metal

Every time we have an issue you treat it as an emergency and get it taken care of immediately. We have never had that in an IT company. It is greatly appreciated!

I put in a ticket to have Skype fixed, AlwaysOnIT spent at least an hour trouble shooting and calling me to try several things. It was not an urgent matter but they made it so it was fixed, working properly and also offered to install on all or machines so I didn't have to do it. Never put our minor issues on the back burner.

The biggest benefits: Immediate service, quality service, great communication, always a follow up, provided us with a great ticketing system with no phone calls needed to report a problem, all systems up to date and remote.

Jennifer S General Manager
Tire Service

The comfort and security of knowing that all my company information is protected, backed up and that our computers have been properly updated with new prescreened updates.

Exploring options, explaining them and giving choices for off site backups. Giving different options of service that will work for our budget.

The biggest benefits: Having the "Ticket Button". We are not the most computer savvy here and being able to submit a ticket and have Mr. Juan the fixer man get us back up and working in no time at all. AND he ALWAYS does it with the friendliest customer service and support.

Greg L President

Prompt & personal service. Knowledgable about a wide range of issues both simple and complex

Chris Benson recently offered to sell us a server rack for our server room. He was able to identify and issue and help us stay ahead of the curve

The biggest benefits: A large simplification of our computer infrastructure. We are now able to manage our business remotely and scale much larger than previously possible.

Kevin B Oil and Gas

You are always on it! Quick and fast. Always honest recommendations and suggestions.

I love that the service is personable...not some IT agent that is not in the same state or country. We get real people that know us.

It's everything really. From getting us set up with a monthly maintenance plan to making sure our network is in compliance with the PCI requirements; from handling our silly everyday errors to our urgent backup and restore requests; and from assisting us with our continuous email issues to guiding, educating us, and providing us resolutions - you have it all covered!

The biggest benefits: All the other employees are able to get assistance directly from AlwaysOnIT by submitting a ticket. This has saved HOURS of my time so I could focus on other areas that really needed my attention. AlwaysOnIT requests my approval for anything above and beyond the normal business agreement. EVERYTHING RUNS SMOOTHLY!!

Mary B Controller
Commercial Vehicle Sales

AlwaysOnIT is a delight to work with, always is knowledgeable and can usually find a fix pretty quickly.

There are two main aspects that come to mind. First, since we transitioned to AlwaysOnIT we have had very few issues that have come up in regards to viruses like we used to have in the past. Second, when an issues does come up they have very fast response times and fix any issue quickly with strong communication throughout.

The biggest benefits: Little to no down time or computer crashes with the pre-emptive and proactive maintenance. Knowing that if something were to happen you are local and could come onsite.

Michelle P Executive Recruiter

Accessibility to your services, timeliness of your response to our need, your persistence in finding a solution to our problems, and your willingness to ignore our technological ignorance!!

From the very first time we used your services, and you recovered all of our data from our crashed antiquated system, our experiences have almost always been perfect.

The biggest benefits: Your support has enabled us to expand our use of technological tools that allow us to serve more people. Frankly, your support of my staff has forced me to take more than baby steps into the current century.

Christina B Executive Director
Senior Citizens Services

AlwaysOnIT is the only choice.

If you are looking for an IT company that can handle the most difficult of issues and yet need the personal touch of the owner being available for a meeting, then AlwaysOnIT is the only choice. They are big enough to handle the tough issues, but small enough to be personal and I get to speak with someone that lives where we live, and not a foreign country.

The biggest benefits: AlwaysOnIT is big enough to handle the tough issues and small enough to be personal

Steve L CoOwner
Pool Construction

AlwaysOnIT will not disappoint! They know how to fix the problem.

AlwaysOnIT will not disappoint! They know what they are doing and will do what needs to be done to fix the problem. For example, our internet went down on a Sunday evening, we were notified by AlwaysOnIT before anyone even arrived in the office on Monday morning. Because of this notification and the cloud backup and file sharing solution already in place for our company we were able to keep everyone productively working at home that day. I feel confident that our employees can work directly with AlwaysOnIT and will be taken care of while I can focus on other things

The biggest benefits: I know our employees will be taken care of and I can focus on other things.

Kelly T Controller

I have been so satisfied with AlwaysOnIT that I’ve never had reason to look elsewhere.

I know our firm can submit a ticket and it will be resolved quickly and professionally. I had a computer that was running slow, AlwaysOnIT called me proactively and had noticed some issues that could cause my computer to fail. I knew it was time to replace the computer but worried about getting the information transferred. AlwaysOnIT handled the situation beautifully! They took the time to figure out exactly what kind of new PC I need and came out and set up the new computer. The entire process was smooth and all my questions were answered.

The biggest benefits: Great LOCAL customer service. Problems are always resolved promptly and professionally.

Don B Partner
Financial Services

Always prompt response to inquiries.

When we had to replace our computers your company was there to walk us through it from the beginning to the end.

The biggest benefits: Reliable and always consistent services and staff.

Pat B Attorney at Law

We receive prompt service and have been able to resolve our issues in a timely manner.

We started using new technology for us utilizing remote access capability and we had issues getting the equipment to integrate into the customer's network. AlwaysOnIT came out and resolved the issue while explaining why we were having the problem better than the information that we received from the manufacturer.

The biggest benefits: For us it's knowing that if we have an issue, we can count on them being able to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

Rick R Pool Construction

Whenever we have a problem - Juan is so FAST in getting back to us AND fixing the problem. You guys are amazing!

My PC Status icon turned red at the end of the day last week. I submitted a ticket and within a little while Juan was on the problem, fixed it and got back to me. Like I said, you guys are fast and efficient!!!! Plus the time Juan spent all day fixing the malware a while back. Amazing again!

The biggest benefits: Piece of mind....that even when we are traveling for business, you are monitoring our desktops computers.

LeAnn LK Owner

I like that your technicians are both extremely proficient in the technical aspect of things as well as strong customer service skills.

I deal with AlwaysOnIT every day, every single experience is a quality one!

The biggest benefits: The best benefit is fantastic tech support without having to hire internal employees to do the same thing.

Richard M CFO
Technical Recruiter

I LOVE the fact that I can just hop online anytime and put in a request for help and within a very short time someone responds.

I've never been anything but happy with any experience with you. Each time our issue gets resolved very quickly.

The biggest benefits: I think just the peace of mind knowing you can "fix" things!

Jerrielou D Owner
Food Brokerage

The responsiveness. Helping us with technology that is not necessarily "business" related (our phones, TV, etc). All inclusive IT help!! Thank you!

The responsiveness. Helping us with technology that is not necessarily "business" related (our phones, TV, etc). All inclusive IT help!! Thank you!

All issues have been able to be resolved. Even when we are working with Sage or our web developer. You will connect with Sage IT if necessary. You bridge the gap for us.

The biggest benefits: Everything works smoothly. We do not worry about viruses.

Kara M Owner

Responsiveness to issues.

We've had several computers die, including a motherboard, AlwaysOnIT was able to engage the warranty and get the motherboard replaced without incurring additional costs.

The biggest benefits: TIME! less time spent dealing with the tenant computers to be able to focus on other aspects of my job.

Matthew Property Management

Support, when I have problems with my computer operating properly. Monitoring and maintaining my computer at all times. Protecting me from viruses and the downloading of harmful programs.

My last issue was blockage of my emails to a company I was working with on a marketing project. Juan went through all my settings and performed some house keeping but determined the issue was at the other end. He indicated I needed to be put on a "white list" with that company.

The biggest benefits: Solved difficult problems and kept me running when I was out of answers and the ability to correct the issue.

Bill F Owner

Commitment to serve your customers.

I have had a myriad of issues (some self inflicted) since I first hired AlwaysOnIT and you have never failed to assist me to resolution. I finally hired you to monitor my computer full time and have been so very pleased that I have had no down time since! Thank you so much.

The biggest benefits: 1. Easily accessible, 2. Low cost, 3. Fast and friendly service

Lona F Owner
Exotic Agriculture

The responsiveness. When I call I know my issue is going to be addressed quickly.

I don't have just one experience. I am happy that I have never been unhappy with the service I have received! I have always liked that the techs don't speak "tech" to me. I am not left feeling like I have no idea what we just discussed.

The biggest benefits: Knowing that I have someone local that I can rely on when I have a question or problem! The staff is helpful and responsive. And the staff doesn't change every other week like many places. That is a big plus to me!

Jami B GM

Easy, prompt.

Had a problem with outlook, made a call and the people were right on it and took care of my issues

The biggest benefits: My Portland location hired you.

Alvin S Owner
Tire Service

Chris and his team are reliable and timely with any problem resolution. They have been extremely helpful with various forms of technologies and solutions for my company.

In five years, our network has been down twice. Chris and his team are diligent about staying on top of issues and making sure we have nearly 100% uptime.

The biggest benefits: The biggest benefit is it allows us to focus on the things we do well with the reliability of a good technology partner.

Dale P Owner
Financial Services

Timeliness of repairs. The ability to have the tech log in and do repairs without coming out gets items fixed quickly

I am consistently happy with all the services I receive.

The biggest benefits: Our office is able to run more efficiently because our computers are able to always be running.

Charlynn L Owner
Electrical Contractors

Prompt and professional response

I picked up some kind of virus and was basically locked out of my own computer. Between Greg and Juan they were able to remove the virus without me having to pay a ransom to the culprits.

The biggest benefits: Consistent monitoring of my PC.

Michael G Agriculture

Prompt response when we have a need. Very helpful support staff

There have been several times where I have had a question and I have received a call back in less than 30 minutes.

The biggest benefits: I feel safe knowing you are protecting my data and hardware from outsiders. I would say security is of prime importance!

Phil B Executive Director

You are quick to respond and have always been able to get the problems fixed.

I have not been with the company long but I needed more room for emails and you guys increased my storage very quickly.

The biggest benefits: I am not sure who Hamish used before you guys but I have only good things to say about AlwaysOnIT

Jessie Construction

Help is on the way fast. I have a busy home office and when things happen, I need to get back up and running as quickly as possible. AlwaysOnIT has always met my needs in this area.

Had a type of scam and AlwaysOnIT got on my computer with me and fixed everything altho it took many house and tons of work.

The biggest benefits: Good, fast help with my home office.

Sherrie W Executive Director