AlwaysOnIT and COVID-19


As all of us face these unprecedented times, we at AlwaysOnIT are here to support our community and the growing amount of businesses that need increased IT support. We are here for all our clients, which includes our educational partners, essential businesses and all businesses that now find themselves relying on remote working and cloud-based solutions.

During the entirety of the COVID-19 we have stayed open and diligent in supporting our client’s various IT system needs and have created solutions for any IT problem they face. While it may seem daunting to face the growing amount of rapid changes your company is experiencing, AlwaysOnIT is here to help with all your IT and Cybersecurity service needs.

AlwaysOnIT stands ready to help our valued clients, partners, and vendors safely and securely navigate business in the COVID-19 world.

In the event we need to provide on-site services, we are making sure to follow the safety guidelines from the CDC as well as the local health agencies.


Network Security

AlwaysOnIT can maintain, monitor and manage your IT networks to enhance maximum productivity and security. Hackers, malware and viruses are always trying to get access to your systems and data but with our help, your network can be secured against such threats.


Disaster Recovery Planning

You’ve worked hard to grow your business. So don't risk it all by not having strategy in place to deal with disaster. We can help back you up and make a plan so you're back up and running in minutes if a disaster such as flood or storms, power strikes or theft hits.


Data Backup Solutions

Workstations and desktops computers hold your most important data and need to be backed up. If not, you risk losing the businesses critical documents, projects and files which are stored on these machines. So if you don’t have a proper backup plan in place, isn’t it time you secured your peace of mind?


Cloud Computing

To get more collaboration from your staff and take advantage of new mobile technology you need to be in the cloud. This tech can also lower your IT costs and eliminate expensive upgrades. We can help you to make the move to the cloud so you can take advantage of this groundbreaking technology.

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